What is the Women's Forum of Coastal Virginia?

The Women's Forum of Coastal Virginia (WFCV) offers a recurring series of events specifically designed for women in business.

Historically, men have dominated the workplace – and established the rules of the organizational culture. As more and more women enter this domain, they encounter ingrained male-dominated environments that, to them, are unwelcoming and inflexible. And no wonder! Women’s working styles and talents are vastly different from men’s, and the “rules” men have created don’t fit women.  Unfortunately, to date, there haven’t been enough powerful women to change the way business is run – in fact, a high number of women flee their situations before they can make a significant impact.
- Jane K. Stimmler, contributing Women On Business writer & author of Breaking Into the Boys' Club

The challenges women face in business have been well documented and discussed; Work/Life Balance, Health Issues, Discrimination and Pay, Leadership and the Glass Ceiling, Harassment.

These issues are real around the world, nationally and regionally, right here in Hampton Roads.

Our Concept

Our concept is that by creating a network, support group and experiential learning environment, we can help move the needle in the correct and positive direction. With the above in mind, we created The Women’s Forum of Coastal Virginia. WFCV is:

  • part of the HRIC Critical Mass series of experiential
    learning and networking events.
  • designed to help women in business to succeed.
  • designed by women for women (but men are welcome to attend and learn a thing or two).
  • a place to share, learn and network.
  • a recurring series for repetitive learning and value-add.

Meet the Creators & Collaborators of WFCV

It all started with a conversation over lunch about an idea and a desire. Fast forward a few years and a few hundred hours of collaboration later, the team below is proud to represent what has become WFCV today.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

Dan Bell

Dan Bell

President & CEO, Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative

Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker

Elizabeth "Liz" Duncan-Hawker

President, Red Hawk Strategic Solutions

Kristen Littlewood

Kristen Littlewood

Vice President of Marketing, RynohLive

Erika Small-Sisco

Erika Small-Sisco

Program Manager, Women's Business Center Old Dominion University

Cheryl Tan

Cheryl Tan

Owner, Cheryl Tan Media

Join us at our next event.

The Women's Forum of Coastal Virginia hosts a minimum of five programs annually. We would love for YOU to join us!